We offer Sails built with Mylar and various Substraits such as Carbon Fiber, Twaron, Polyester and anything else available.

We offer conventional Roach, Standard IMS Roach (Usually too wide for cruising) and Squaretop.

We offer Polyester laid out as a radial with gores radiating from the clew to place the fibers of each gore within five degrees of each other. Thus relieving the sails loads as they tend to radiate from the bearing point.

Our Mainsails are available in many cloth types and layout styles. The most common is the cross-cut which has Polyester sailcloth (also known as Dacron) rolled out perpendicular to the leech of the sail.

We default to having at least One Full Length Batten
 and recommend Two at the top
and the other two are 25% of the foot length

Full Length Battens
Sails under 38' tall should have Three and sails up to 48' get Four.
Five Full Length Battens are a good option for  taller sails or at least two full and three short battens

Loose Footed Mainsails

The only reason for the foot should be attached at any point other than the outhaul and tack is to catch rainwater when crossing the Ocean.
The boom should not be restricted by a bolt-rope or slides in the foot thus not allowing the main to slide forward and aft to trim the sail.
We understand that there will be sailors that will insist that the mainsail's foot be attached with a rope or slides and we will honor the request, otherwise all of our mainsails are loose-footed as a default
because we want the best for our customers.